Vend-Trak Partner Program

$$$ Value Added

Vend-Trak was built for vendors but the real beauty of Vend-Trak is in its ability to cater to Vending Opportunities. Our clients range from Revive Energy Mints to Vendstar. Using Vend-Trak increases your client's success rate by 30%, makes them more money and keeps them happy. That means up to 30% more repeat orders and far fewer unsatisfied clients. But that's not all. What if you could Provide $500 worth of Value Added Benefit to your clients for a Fraction of the Cost?

The result is more of your prospects becoming clients. The Vend-Trak Partner Programs allows you to provide all of your new and existing clients with One Year Subscriptions to our Vend-Trak Pro Package. This runs $49.95 per month retail or $499 per year. Thus, you're giving your prospective clients $500 in Value Added Benefit plus a product that is going to actually help Make Them Successful!

So What's My Cost?

Our average Vending Opportunity client is creating 10 new Vend-Trak user accounts per month. This means they are providing ten (1 Year) annual subscriptions of our Pro Package to their clients every month. That is a total retail value of $4999 they are providing Each and Every Month to their clients. Now, this is on average. We have partners doing more than 10 a month.

So let's break it down.

1 Pro Package Annual Price - $499 (This is what our individual clients pay day in and day out.)

10 Pro Package Annual Accounts Created / Month - $4,999 (Average accounts created / month from Partners)

Normally you would Expect to have a 100% Markup on value added products. That would mean paying $2,500 / Month for $5,000 worth of product. But, let's be honest, the economy is tough, we're all fighting to stay alive. We need greater margins and higher conversions just to stay alive so we're not going to make you pay $2,500.

In today's economy you Expect and Deserve a 200% Markup which would make our Partner Program extremely reasonable at $1,650 / Month for $5,000 worth of product.

But we're not going to stop there. Listen, lucky for you, we're one of those absurdly ambitious companies who fights for dominance. We want every vendor worldwide to use Vend-Trak because we believe in it. We believe in its ability to create successful vending business after successful vending business. So we're going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Sign up Today for our Partner Program and we're going to provide you with an Unheard Of 615% Profit Margin. That means you're Paying Just $699 / Month to provide a full $5,000 / Month worth of Value Added Benefits to your clients.

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  • 615% Profit Margin
  • $500 Instant Value Per Client
  • Up to 30% More Repeat Orders
  • Far Fewer Unsatisfied Clients
  • Well Known and Respected Product
  • Unlimited Account Creation for $699/month
Vend-Trak Affiliate Progam

Track your referrals in real time! Know when your referrals have signed up for service, when they have made payments, and know when your commissions are due!

Earn 50% on each new paid account

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Vend-Trak Partner Progam

Business Opportunity?

Create Unlimited Vend-Trak Accounts for one Low Monthly Fee.

Huge Margins, $500 Value Added Per Account!

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