• No Software to Download
  • Connect from Anywhere
  • Immediate Access to New Features & Enhancements
  • All Major Browsers Supported
Overview Screen
  • Income Snapshot
  • Expenses Snapshot
  • Services Due
  • Calendar
Location Management
  • Maintain All Locations in One Place
  • Track Commission Rates & Charity Contributions
  • Earnings Graph
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Record Individual Service Entries
Multiple Machine Types
  • Bulk Machines (Vendstar, Revive, U-Turn)
  • Bulk Candy, Gumball, Sticker, Toy, Energy, Etc.
  • Bulk Racks
  • Combo
  • Soda
  • Snack
  • Cold Food
Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Additional Users - No Additional Cost
  • Assign Different Permission Levels to Each User
Mileage Log
  • Record Business & Personal Mileage
  • View Mileage Reports by Individual or Business
  • Year End Mileage Reports
Route Management
  • Easily Build Multiple Vending Routes
  • Record Services for Entire Route
  • Auto-Generate Routes Based on Service Due Dates
  • Clone Routes
Product Usage
  • Track Product Usage
  • Estimate Product Needed for Upcoming Services
  • Product Usage Reporting
  • Build a Custom List of Products for Your Business
  • Interactive Charts and Graphs
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Export Company Data to Excel
  • Build Custom Route Service Sheets to Ease Service Recording
  • Compare Location Earnings and Average Earnings/Month
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Gemstate – 51 Machines
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